Senator Leia Organa

Frequent visitors to this blog will have noticed that I have Star Wars on the brain at the moment… Here’s a little doodle (3×4 inches) of Princess LEIA done while watching TV last night..

You’ve all no doubt heard of HAN SOLO, but what about his sister; TRUMPET SOLO? (That nugget of internet gold courtesy of CHRIS.)

Some fans of RED SQUADRON made a great, life-sized X-Wing rocket that actually takes off! Not to be outdone, GOLD SQUADRON fans staged their own Y-Wing rocket launch! (Thanks to MICHEAL MAY for these links.)

Behold this collection of Star Wars Pixel art. (Sent to me by MR. BKON!)


More STAR WARS characters HERE and HERE.

11 thoughts on “Senator Leia Organa”

  1. Oh man ,even with famous Mr. Baker’s amazing drawing force with hyper-charged-sex-bomb-drive mode on, Princess still doesn’t look as quater foxy as your other babes! Poor Leia… Love this drawing, though.

  2. John>> Thanks for enabling my obsession!

    GiantMonster>> Oh jeez! I hadn’t thought of that; a major Ewok conflagration after Death Star #2 was destroyed..

    Benton>> Glad you like it I will tidy it up later.

    Patrick>> Yeah it’s true; I had “sex-bomb mode” disabled when I drew this version. I was going for the tough/bad-ass teenager look but maybe I should give her a bit more hormone-appeal? I did a more “beautiful” version that I might post later… But to tell the truth, that baggy white costume wasn’t very flattering to Carrie Fisher in the first SW movie. She was very appealing to me as a feisty character but I didn’t notice how beautiful she was until Empire strikes Back.

  3. Speaking of “sex-bomb mode”, weren’t you going to do a ring card girl for “Fist-a-Cuffs”?

    Fist-a-cuffs needs a “fabulous Baker girl!”

    Maybe you can still sneak one in!


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