A Last Ditch Effort

In contrast to the image in the previous post, the photo textures in this illustration were applied in Photoshop, and it took almost as long, if not longer, to do it with all the latest software. The sky and ground use textures taken from photos and the elephant uses a photo of actual elephant skin. Can anyone guess the source texture for the boom of the CRANE in this image? This image is from the elephant book and illustrates the story of a Zoo elephant that fell in a ditch and the efforts to get him back out.

My own efforts, for the next two weeks, will be focussed on last minute preparations for COMIC CON. I have about 100 copies of the elepant book left and they will all be on sale in San Diego. I will be making some prints of the illustrations from the Elephant Book just as soon as my tasty new Epson 1800 printer shows up. In the meantime, I am preparing the art and finishing off the mini comic. Apart from elephant stuff, I will be selling the new Mini comic and all the left-overs from previous years; sketchbooks, comics and so forth.

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  1. Give that young lady a Prize! Yes, that is correct; the crane is actually the famous EIFFEL TOWER. The story was about an elephant from a French Zoo, so I thought it was appropriate (even though the zoo was actually in Lyon).


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