KittyKorps VS DogsOfWar

These are two new original pieces I did especially for the latest Maverix Studios charity art auction, which was held last night to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. They were done on grey Canson paper with a combination of ink, pencil and gouache. I’ve had these characters in mind for a story in an upcoming ROCKET RABBIT issue, and it was a lot of fun drawing these two guys; a fighter pilot from the KITTY KORPS and a tank commander from the DOGS OF WAR. It was It was down to the wire finishing them too; I just finished them about an hour before the show began. In addition to these two fresh-baked goodies, I also submitted 3 framed and signed prints of some of my favourite illustrations from my dad’s Elephant book.

These two pictures were designed to be hung as an opposing pair, as you see them here, but I also tried to make each one self-contained (and at the auction each piece actually DID go to a separate bidder). I made high resolution scans of each picture before framing, and I am considering working on them further in Photoshop, then making prints of them to sell at future comic-conventions. I already have ideas for some other pictures in a similar vein that could be displayed either individually or, if hung together along with these, as part of a big series of prints that would transform a wall space into an epic and sprawling, high-tech cat-and-dog battle royale. It would be just about the cutest darn war that you ever saw.

As to the auction istelf, it was a lot of fun and I will have a full report later, once all the money is tallied up and the photos are developed. More news as it comes to hand!

4 thoughts on “KittyKorps VS DogsOfWar”

  1. Jamie,

    These were great! I love everything about them and it was fun how you positioned the frames on these. Jamie Baker- Breaking barriers for full quench!

  2. John>> Yes, it really was too bad that you missed this show. It was a good one. Then again, ALL the Maverix art auctions are good ones! So much fun for good causes.

    Ted>> Thanks, man!

    Rhode>> Hah hah! Full Quench? Indeed! Thanks for commenting, Rhode.


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