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Oct 252009

Being the adventures of a small black cat and his magical television.

A mini-comic for APE 2009, in San Francisco. Hope to draw more of these guys someday.

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  1. Wow, this is great Jamie. Truly fantastic robot design, and I love the drawing of the cop.

  2. feeling any better?

  3. That Kat has pretty good ideas…….or are they Telly's ideas??? Oh whatever, Let's just all be AWESOME!;-J

  4. I LOVE this, Jaime.

    • This is gorgeous.

    • I am really glad to hear that you liked it, Amber. I have had images of these two riding around inside my head for years and I never did anything with them because I couldn’t quite figure out who they are…

      Until recently that is, when I realised that BACKSTORY doesn’t really matter in a nonsense book anyway. I have more stuff I want to do with them, so stay tuned.

  5. I like it!!! Especially the last one.

  6. Thanks everyone. I am so happy to hear that you like it. I put this together in a few days but I've had these guys riding around inside my mind for years. The mini was designed it so that it doesn't really matter which order the pages are assembled in, and I made several random variations for the APE show, but this is the order I had in mind at the start. I hope to do more with these two characters later.

  7. So nice to revisit the mind of Jamie Baker. Always a pleasure.

  8. some of the best cartoons i've ever seen in my life.

  9. Brilliant James! Just as talented as you always were. I'm in the process of changing jobs this week so "leaving on my own terms" certainly resonates. I hope you don't mind if I quote you in my farewell speech.

  10. K & T is awesomeness of the highest magnitude! Great to hear there will be more to come!

  11. that was awesome. beautiful art work and captions. especially that “deep” one.

  12. Oh Man Oh MAn. Jaime, cut it out , dude. This stuff is priceless. Gem after gem. I like how the first three set the scene and let you know to sit back and enjoy.

    But, just the sheer economy of cartoon language is so lovely to see. Good craft should always appear so fluid and enjoyed by it’s craftsman.

    Seems like by pulling their maxims and creeds out of your head, you get to explore why you like them and leads to something good. Work that, J!

  13. Anson, Jason & Ed>> thank you so much for your comments about this. I want to do more with these two and you are right ED, that just following some more bons mots wherever they may lead is the right path to take. More soon!

  14. James! These are all terrific — but the one that floats my boat is the television cat’s admonition about being flattered by idiots. That, and the one about skin, beauty, depth, and Truth. You, sir, are a philosopher who can draw like nobody’s business!
    (as ever thus) George E

  15. I’m loving these! Such substance! 😀

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