It’s been a while since I’ve exhibited at COMIC-CON (in fact, my seller’s permit was recently cancelled from lack of use) so I thought I might hold JAMIE-CON instead; an online convention for anyone unable to attend the San Diego convention in person, and I finally added all my comic books and just some of my prints to my Nerve Bomb Comics web store.



I should have had all this stuff available online years ago, and to celebrate my recent day of HTML coding, for a limited time each and every order will get a free 5×7 print and there are a few extra specials, including discounted bulk-packs of books and prints, and I’m waiving US postage till next week. Unfortunately, shipping rates are such that I can only ship in the USA and Canada; one of my 11 x 14 $15 prints costs $18 to ship overseas, not including a $4 padded envelope! The only way it would make sense is to order in bulk (e.g.: more than 6 prints) so if any foreign residents are interested in bulk orders that would offset the shipping costs, please comment here on the blog. I’ll offer these discounts just this week and next, till July 18.

Don’t be bummed out if you missed out on Comic-Con tickets, just come on over to JAMIE-CON!

13 thoughts on “JaMiE-CoN!”

  1. WOW… Kick me in the head and call me “Sally”. I missed the whole “Contact before payment thingy”… Sorry about that. I went to make a copy of the invoice (after-the-fact) and keep coming across more information. “Yes… I’m an idiot.” Now that that’s been established, was $22 ($62 minus $40) enough to ship to Canada or should I get it sent to my Blaine, WA 98230 address. I’m really dicombobulated at the moment (lots going on). My sincerest apologies.

    Lorne Terichow
    Youth Literacy Initiative
    Penticton, BC Canada


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