Hunting Trophy

As we are soon coming up on HALLOWEEN I thought I’d post the most macabre illustration in the elephant book. Behold, if you dare:

This illustrates a true story of an elephant who trampled some poor guy to death and then kept the corpse, carrying it around for several weeks. I guess that elephants like to keep their “hunting trophies” too.

Speaking of hunting, if you like a cartoon that goes for your funny bone rather than your heart-strings, go and see OPEN SEASON which is playing at theatres now. Reviewers are quick to point out that this film enters territory already covered in other fims released in the last year, which may be so, but I think this one does it funnier. It is also rather beautiful to look at; some of the most gorgeously art directed poop gags ever. There is no higher recommendation on the BAKER-scale than that.

11 thoughts on “Hunting Trophy”

  1. Benton>>I changed the trophy-head just because I just didn’t like the way I drew it the first time… Just one of those obsessive moments I often get into when drawing… Why? Do you like the first one better? Should I do it again? Am I crazy?

    Ted>>Thanks! Seems like I have more success with working in colour when I limit the palette to one or two colours (as here where is is basically just blue and orange).

  2. Harharhar…AWESOME :)
    the peex in last post is also beautiful , really nice , u using those textures or is it real water color on paper texture ?
    looks great.

  3. John>> Thanks. Yeah, how can you go wrong with that subject?

    Benton>> Whew! Thankls for the re-assurance; I’ll go back down to threat-alert yellow.

    Sho>>The textures in these pics have all been taken from real paint splatters on real paper but scanned in and combined with the line-art.

    However, I am planning to try using some photo-textures in a few pics that I am working on now.

  4. Jamie i enjoyed you page. I love the costume your family wore. HOw are you. Glad you enjoyed Open Season. all my family did. To help the cause I think most of us saw it 6 times. Keep in touch.Loretta SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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