Holiday pARTy

On Thursday December 15th the kind hearts at Maverix Studios are having another of their art-auction/fundraiser-parties, this time to raise money for the Earthquake in Pakistan. They have often raised money for good causes, and it’s getting to be something of a tradition for them to do this. The parties are fun to attend and participate in, and artists of different fields from all over the Bay Area (and sometimes beyond) get involved. In the past there have been donations by heavy hitters in the fields of animation and comic related art, fine-art, sculpture and photography. So if you are an art collector there are some great bargains to be had, in a variety of categories.

The first time Maverix held a fund-raiser was when our good friend Mike Murnane injured his eye and had no insurance. A group of his friends pitched in to donate art and $6,000 was raised during a spirited bidding battle between his pals for art. Just recently the Maverix raised $9,000 for the Charlotte Maxwell complementary clinic. The most raised was in the Tsunami Relief auction where an absolutely incredible $25,000 was raised in one night.

It has been terrible a terrible year for natural disasters, where even wealthy countries were not spared, but the Earthquake in Pakistan was particularly devastating. The Maverix fund-raiser is during the holiday shopping season; why not give some art to your loved ones this Christmas, knowing that 100% of the price you spent will go to those in need?

Maverix is looking for art donations, volunteers to help prep and hang the art, and of course they are also looking for people to come by and party, and throw money around. So if you feel qualified to help out in any of those areas you can find further details on how to do so (and the exact street address and time) on the Maverix Blog.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

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