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Mar 262009

Gordon Clark is a long-time friend and co-worker; we were colleagues at both Colossal Pictures and at Wild Brain. Like me, Gordon is a bad-movie aficionado. He is no less than the founder of GOMER NIGHT (where like-minded nerds rent crappy movies and make fun of them whilst enjoying them). I am pleased to announce that Gordon finally has his own outpost on the web, which is stuffed full of great cartoon content; Storyboards, animation clips, his hilarious character designs and more.

Check it all out!

  8 Responses to “Gordon Clark online”

  1. FANTASTIC!!! Love his drawings.

  2. This is huge. Next thing, Facebook?

  3. Great! I'll add him to my link's page in my website! I love this piece!!!

    • I notice that Gordon doesn't have comments turned on at his blog. He isn't on facebook either, so perhaps if you put a comment or two on my BLOG post about him (see "VIEW ORIGINAL POST" link above) he'd see the encouraging words…

  4. Look out Inter webs!! Here comes the boheemoth Clark!!

  5. Gordon rocks.

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