Gone Walkin’

boots.jpgAlong with six old hometown buddies I have recently completed a 4 day/5 nights trek that had been in planning for the past few months. The seven of us met up in our home town and then went on a bush walk carrying about 25 Kilos (50 pounds) worth of gear as we walked through a beautiful part of our home county; the escarpment where the New England Tablelands plateau drops away to the sea… The distance travelled was a lot less than I had originally imagined and yet the difficulty level was much more arduous than I had expected. Despite all the aches and pains it was a very rewarding journey for all of those involved. Once I get back to San Francisco I will post a more detailed report and show some photos.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the past few weeks. I have been doing a lot of traveling, both in the USA and Australia, and I haven’t often been able to get on the internet.

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