the GLAD Hatter

Recently my good friend Rhode held a MAD HATTER’s TEA PARTY in Golden Gate Park to celebrate his birthday. This happy occasion inspired a large group of his good friends to once again put on silly costumes and go out in public to make even bigger clowns of themselves than they did at his 1970s Frisbee Party, held in the same spot a few years ago…

A costume party where nobody wears a silly outfit is a sad thing indeed, but fortunately Rhode has many friends who are happy to dress-up and act the fool (myself included). Many veterans of previous Superhero Parties and Clown Parties were in attendance, so both the silliness of outfits and whackiness of hats was assured. Just seeing the guests arrive in all their finery put smiles on everyone’s faces and got the proceedings off to a fine start.

A super-long table was draped with lacy table-cloths upon which there were fancy tea-pots full of sugary drinks, and plates stacked high with enough sweet finger-foods to make your gums itch. This fine selection of teeth-rotting delicacies kept everyone buzzing until Mrs. Montijo’s tasty, home-cooked food showed up, brought all the way from Stockton by the gracious chef herself, and accompanied by even more of Rhode’s family members.

A feature of Rhode’s get-togethers is the PARTY GAMES. I have to confess that, even though I am happy to make a spectacle of myself by wearing a bald wig, fake moustache or even a skin-tight hero-suit at a costume party, I am very shy when it comes to party games. I don’t know why this is so… Some traumatic episode from my childhood perhaps? A game of Twister that went awry? A suppressed memory of a Dominoes match that ended in bloodshed?….

In any case, the games at Rhode’s parties never end in bad feelings. In addition to the traditional PINATA, at this particular party there was an egg-toss, an imaginary potato-sack race, and a 3-legged race… and it goes without saying that the winner in each event received a dandy prize. GOOD TIMES. A spirit of whimsy kept the tea-party in the land of happy-vibes all throughout the day, right up until the evening when everyone went home tired, well-fed and happy… to vigorously double brush their tingling teeth.

Thanks to Chris, Grace, Kenn and Elaine for taking these great photos.

6 thoughts on “the GLAD Hatter”

  1. Wow, you guys are the most fun people that I know of. I love the awe-inspiring party concept. You guys all look terrific.

    Happy birthday to Rhode, if he sees this.

    Epic respect.

  2. Rhode que suave que hicieras una fiesta de disfraces y que estubiera tan concurrida de tus amigos que deberas quieres, mil felicidades veo que eres de septiembre pero no se de que fecha exactamente, para haberte felicitado ese dia, pero happy birthday to you!! de todas maneras, que todos tus suenos se te cumplan y que la sigas pasando bien son mis mejores deseos.. Miny.
    P.s. Ya conoci a mi suegrita y cunados estan muy guapos todos!Que viva la familia!! ciao…

  3. Jamie thanks for your attention, and congratulations by your excellent work, really you are grrreat!
    P.S. Jamie, can you be my cupid and obtain an appointment for me with Rhodie, that man enchants to me! Pleassse…… Minerva.

    • Minerva>> I don’t think I would make a very appealing CUPID. I am not skilful with a BOW and ARROW, and I look SCARY in a diaper and angel wings… I’d give Rhode the WRONG kind of heart-attack! :)

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