Girlie Sketches: Part 4

 Posted by on March 30, 2008  Character design, Drawings, Illustration  Tagged with:
Mar 302008

Here’s the last batch of scribbles from my cheesecake job, showing quite a few variations on similar poses. I’ll post the final character when I have inked her.

  3 Responses to “Girlie Sketches: Part 4”

  1. Lovely girlie sketches.

  2. woooow..those are cuuuuuute ! great Jamie
    I specially like the from the back view, beautiful

  3. Your work is amazing ! especially the faces 🙂 loved it <3 I was thinking about using ur bases for my fashion design work, if you dont mind, of course giving you the credits 😉 You can e-mail me anything ! kisses

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