From Jamie to All of US

Journal entry by Julia Lundman

I just have to say, that, these messages of love have meant a lot to me. And now that I’ve had a week since the event, Julia has finally been able to read to me these comments. 

They brought me some laughs, they brought me some tears, they brought me some pain, but I wouldn’t change any of it. Thank you everyone. Thank you for sharing your joy. I love you all so much. 

Jamie and Julia
(Jamie dictated this letter to me)

13 thoughts on “From Jamie to All of US”

  1. Jamie! It’s so good to hear from you.
    You know, I was thinking — since you’ve been working on our film about the inside of the mind, maybe this whole experience of yours is a tax write-off! At very least, it’s certainly proof that you do not shirk from doing your research.
    Julia, I hope you are comfortable and taking care of yourself. Don’t let Jamie drive you bananas.
    — Pete Docter, January 4, 2013

  2. Hi Jamie! So happy to hear you are out of ICU! We miss you in BS story and are thinking of you and Julia everyday, our hearts go out to you both. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. Best, Ryan
    — Ryan Lynch, January 4, 2013

  3. Hey there Jamie,
    What a relief to hear that you are doing better. Just gotta say, thanks for always making me laugh. You are kinda funny on facebook, but in person you are hysterical! Some of my fondest memories as an animator were at Maverix Studios, (on 9th), where we would battle each other on Soul Calibur for hours with the rest of the crew. Sometimes I felt bad for whooping your ass, but I always got over it, LOL! My soul still Burns!! Too much fun on the job, Henry’s restaurant, crazy stories, and always surrounded by killer artwork. Wishing you the best in the future. I plan on visiting if you are up for it. Thanks for all the inspiration. Much Love!
    — Victor Gascon, January 4, 2013

  4. I thought I would share something funny that happened at Hot Couture today and hopefully it will give you a laugh. Izi that works for me just made me laugh sooooo hard. She has a Polish accent this is the conversation. Izi… won’t believe my bird die on Christmas Eve and my Mother’s bird die too.
    Me……….jumping up and down……….why didn’t you tell me it was
    your birthday I didn’t know I would have bought you a present. Yayyyyy
    Happy Birthday Izi.
    Izi……..I can’t believe you making fun of my bird die.
    It seriously took me a while to pull myself together and stop laughing, hope this made you laugh as well. I couldn’t sleep last night it was about 40 degree’s here and it was hot damn hot. I was thinking of you a lot and wondering how you were getting on and today here is a lovely message put up by your equally lovely girl. I feel better knowing that we can keep up with your progress and appreciate Julia doing this amongst everything else she has to do. So thank you from me and I’m sure everyone else. Love you lots Jimmy Baker
    XXXX Joy
    — Joy Taylor, January 4, 2013

  5. Hey Jamie,
    I was crushed when I heard the news over the break. So glad to hear that you are out of the ICU.
    Do you know how hard it is to waste time when you’re not in your office so I can stop by for a chat? How will I get through the day without you around? You need to get back here! Maybe I’ll just spend some time in this guestbook, updating you on the stories of the day. We also still need to go on that sketchcrawl we keep talking about, or even another BEERSTORM. Come for the beer, stay for the creative discussion.

    Julia, thanks for keeping us updated on all of the progress. Remember, Nicki and I are available 24/7 to help you guys with anything.

    Take care, and get better my good friend.
    much love, john
    — John Hoffman, January 4, 2013

  6. JAMIE!!!!
    I have been thinking about you a lot. I wanted to let you know that you are in mine and my families prayers. I know you will pull through all of this, with that strong Australian blood. Wait, you are Australian… oh shit!

    I love you my friend! I remember all of our crazy stories together. The riding of horses, the pilaging of small villages, the air plane sky diving. Okay, maybe not crazy, more like uncomfortable situations at san diego. The ice cream in san fran. And for some reason, about time travel movies. I really don’t like them for the most part, but like you said, the Terminator ones are pretty good.

    I wish you the best during your time of recovery. Maybe you will be able to do a comic about this in the future! May disney’s now acquired force be with you! I love you very much, Jamie. Thank you to Julia, too!
    See you soon!
    — s h, January 4, 2013

  7. JAMIE!
    So good to see you have so many loving friends to help you through this. I’m a little envious actually. So many friends. Maybe I can steal some of your friends though this guestbook. Please share your many loving friends.
    Your ever loving friend MC

    Wendy says hello
    — Mike Cachuela, January 4, 2013

  8. Jamie,
    As I know you are fond of the esteemed Viz publication’s “Profanisaurus” here are a couple of entries that can be shared without causing TOO much offense:
    Glaswegian Siesta n. A night in a police cell.
    Harlow Pub Quiz n. Entertainment regularly held at the Essex town’s popular nightspots. The quizmaster usually asks one of two questions: “What the f– are you looking at?” or “Do you f–ing want some?”, to which all the possible answers are wrong.
    — Jonathan Rosenthal, January 4, 2013

  9. Oorah Marine!
    Advance on that Jello tray and take no prisoners! Hope the food is better than
    anytime I’ve spent in Hospitals? …and this form a man that loves airplane food! Flashing your pale blue bum crack from beneath those poorly laced up gowns I hope!..”I pitty da fools!
    Get well soon mate…more aspirin Nurse!
    Mark Mulgrew
    — Mark Mulgrew, January 4, 2013

  10. Jamie,
    Ralph called me yesterday with the news, if I can help in any way you and Julia have my number. When you can have visitors I’ll come by and we can learn how to draw cartoons. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Thanks very much for keeping us posted, please call me if I can help you with anything. I’m in the city at the Presidio all day, so I’m a short drive from you if you need help. On the weekend I’m in San Rafael, close enough to be around in an hour. -Fulpy
    — David Fulp, January 4, 2013

  11. Jamie,
    Though we’ve never have officially met, we share many mutual friends in the animation world and I’ve heard nothing but great things about you and your work.
    I just learned about your recent health situation and wanted to send good thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery.
    Best to you and yours,
    Dan Jeup
    — Dan Jeup, January 4, 2013

  12. Cobber!
    Many know Jamie as an amazing artist, but he also has a gift for language.
    To the man who defined being uptight as being able to “cut washers off one’s ring piece.”
    The one who said he looked like a “fluorescent bulb with a rubber band in the middle” when wearing a speedo. And the man who when needing to use the restroom so delicately said he was “touching cloth” – ever the wizard of words, Jamie Baker.
    Great to read your letter. It was fun to hear your comments (via Julia) about the “messed up family” image they had you look at.
    With much love to you and Julia (and happy belated Birthday Julia!) —
    Lauren, Anna, Kevin
    — Kevin Richardson, January 4, 2013

  13. Hi Jamie–I only just figured out how to use the guest book and care network and wanted to say how much we are thinking of you and watching for your daily progress–one finger today–two tomorrow–I know you will make a wonderful recovery! We’ll probably come down in a few weeks or in Feb. for a visit. Hang in there! Love Susan
    — Susan Lundman, January 5, 2013


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