Flower Car

Flora_GrubbLast weekend Julia and I went to Flora Grubb nursery  to buy some plants. I had heard of this cool place before, but had not realised that it was over by the area where I used to work when I first came to San Francisco. It was a dodgy neighbourhood back then, when I worked for Colossal Pictures on Third Street, and many is the time I remember working late and waiting forever for a 15-Third bus (a discontinued line, which went from Hunter’s Point to Fisherman’s Wharf). But the area seems to have a hipster vibe these days, if the clientel at Flora Grubb are anything to go by.

The plants were often displayed in novel ways, such as in this beat up old car-body, with plants bursting forth from every available cavity. There were a couple of seats nearby, and I waited patiently for the previous occupants to vacate them so that we could sit down and draw. I bagged the seats, and called Julia over; it was a nice sunny day, we had just bought some plants, and there was a trendy coffee bar in the store, so there was the prospect of a relaxing hour or two sketching the quirky and colourful dispays as we slurped a coffee or two..

What I had not realised though was that the chairs we were both sitting in had just been sold to a guy, and he seemed a bit miffed that we had made ourselves comfortable, seated in his recent purchases. No sooner had I started this sketch than we were obliged to stop, and I finished it later, at home, using a photo to jog my memory. I would like to go back there sometime to do more drawing, perhaps mid-week when it is less busy.

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  1. That’s great Jamie. Next time, bring your own chair. Seriously, you can get a portable camp stool with a back on it from REI that’ll do the trick. I used to haul ’em everywhere.


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