Elephants Title Page

This is the title page for my Dad’s book “Elephants in the News”. At one point I had thought it may have been a good design for the cover, but instead the publisher used an interior illustration that had been featured on the earliest mock up, because that image had become associated with the book in the minds of so many people.

This illustration was done in coloured pencil on Canson paper and then I adjusted the saturation and contrast in Photoshop. The rough sketch for it was already posted here. Thanks to all the people who came by the Abismo/ Nerve Bomb booth at WONDERCON last weekend. It was a low key show for me (as I didn’t have any new books and I didn’t do any shopping) but it was fun, as always, because of the people-watching and meeting old friends.

See you all at A.P.E. where I should FINALLY have my new book on sale!

5 thoughts on “Elephants Title Page”

  1. It’s been a real pleasure seeing the journey of this amazing book. I salute you and your dad for the dedication and hard work on this project!

  2. hi james! gabe here! love your art works!

    are there any ways i can get to purchase your books aside from ordering online? i reside here in the philippines and i’m avoiding online orders because they require credit card no. and i don’t want to release it. can a local bookstore get in touch with you if i could get them to order for me?

  3. Alan>>Thanks for the good vibes!

    Gabriel>>You could order online from me through PAYPAL if that works for you? Otherwise, yes, if your local bookstore orders them from me that would be fine as well.

    Elephants in the News” is the only book I wouldn’t be able to sell to a bookstore directly myself (though I will have a few copies to sell at conventions, hopefully soon). That book would have to be ordered from EXISLE press sometime after April 1st which is when the book is released. (Besides, the shipping to the Philipines would be cheaper from Australia, which is where the publisher is located.)

  4. this looks great , luv the dark tone of the illo ! sorry I missed you guys at wondercon. The virus that roams around the city cought me , and I was out.

  5. i really appreciate you taking the time in answering my queries! a BIG thanks james! really hope to see your work upclose and personal! simply awsome style bro!


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