Elephant Scribbles

This sketch below (when coloured) will be in a book I am collaborating on with my Dad (written by him illustrated by me) and it illustrates not only the page it was intended for but the urgency being applied to me to finish off the job!

When not storyboarding away in the East Bay, I am trying to finish the sketches for ALL the illustrations for a book of limericks about elephants written by my Dad a few years back. I got roughly half of them done back at that time but then ran out of steam… However I am building up steam again now. Dad put a fire under my arse by finding a REAL publisher for the book, and they want placeholder sketches for all the pics by this December, and final colour illustrations by next February. If all goes well the book will be published next August by EXISLE PRESS of New Zealand.

UPDATE: The final colour artwork, based on the above sketches can be seen HERE.

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