Dying Brushpen

Here is the death-rattle of a dying brushpen, expressed in the form of a fuzzy sketch of the Palace Of Fine Arts here in San Francisco.

What beautiful weather we had here in San Francisco this past weekend. Saturday I went on a long walk across town, to be a part of a Birthday Celebration that evening in the Mission district. Sunday, I went to see the Cherry Blossom festival in Japantown, which is normally my favourite parade, due to the colour and spectacle and the fact that it is always held on a bright sunny day (by contrast, the Chinese New Year parade always falls on a drizzly day and the Carnivale parade is usually overcast). This year’s Cherry Blossom parade was fun, but a little lacklustre compared to those from previous years.

On my way home, I went to say a quick hello to my old pal BILL CONE, at the artist’s reception of his new gallery show Light, Water & Granite, being held at the Studio Gallery. I suggested to him that his brain is clearly wired differently than mine to be able to see, and represent, colour and light in the wonderful way that he does. I am unable to reproduce scenes in that way myself… He responded that the great thing about humans is that we are all wired differently… Which sounded profound at the time… but I later realised it was just a nicer way of saying “Either you got it or you don’t, kid!”

Hee hee

Bill’s magnificent Plein Air pastel studies of the Sierra, done over the past 4 years, will be on display until May 10th. Please go and see the master of light working his magic.

4 thoughts on “Dying Brushpen”

  1. Why you Rascal! I oughta…
    I can’t do what you do either, so I’d say we’re even, pal. Thanks very much for stopping by the opening on Sunday. It was great to see you and Bosco.


  2. Roque>> Thanks Bud.

    Bill>> It was great seeing you too, Bill. Plus, seeing your work was a major inspiration too. I am hoping that I can brow-beat Dave Gordon and Tony Stacchi into a sketching field-trip like you have been doing.


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