Drawn Patrol

Years ago, I worked at a studio where a lot of extra-curricular funny drawings were done by the crew. We drew caricatures of eachother, or of people seen on the streets at lunch hour, and we traded goofy doodles about funny things that happened around the studio, in-jokes and other silly stuff, and I joined in all these shenanigans as best as I was able.

One of the drawing battles I was happy to watch from the side lines was the ongoing airplane drawing contest between Simon O’Leary and Arthur Filloy. Both of them were, and still are, incredible cartoonists and mad-keen airplane enthusiasts. They would outdo eachother in drawing great caricatures of fantastic aircraft; both real and imagined.

Now, all these many years later, Arthur has a blog showing those great old drawings. Please visit DRAWN PATROL to see doodles of real planes (such as this cute little ME 262 drawn by Arthur) or drawings of made-up Soviet fighter planes, experimental aircraft of the Luftwaffe, or failed aircraft of the RAF and Japanese air force (complete with bogus engine specifications and made-up aircraft histories). With any luck Arthur will set up other blogs for his hilarious Star Wars sketches and very funny fake Japanese toy designs…

2 thoughts on “Drawn Patrol”

  1. It’s brilliant to see this artwork again. Quite apart from enjoying the draftsmanship and the sheer madness it rattles the cage of the inspiration beast. An element often forgotten in animation in recent times. Thanks for hooking me into to it Jimmy.
    PS: I do remember Arthur struggling to hit weekly footage because of these aero-dynamics, but what is more important…fifty feet of smurfs or the drawn patrol?

  2. these are great- hard to say what it is about planes that make them such a magnet for some artists.. the machinery of adventure, I think. Space ships do it for me.


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