Daughter of Draculon

 Posted by on September 23, 2007  Drawings, Pin ups
Sep 232007

I have some other things that I SHOULD be drawing today but instead I did this sketch of my favourite vampire, and a quick attempt at some colour.

Now that I got Vampirella out of my system (for a while anyway) I can turn my attention back to the other things on my “to-do” list.

The first is a short MS Monster comic story that I am doing for my pals at B-Minus Comics.

I also have to make a picture for the upcoming Alzheimer’s Association charity art auction, at Maverix Studios….

More details on those projects later…

  5 Responses to “Daughter of Draculon”

  1. Cool Vamp! Hoping I can make it to the auction.

  2. YOWZA! She’s hot! Nice piece!

  3. John & Benton>> thanks for the encouragement; very nice to hear from two PINUP masters!

  4. this blog not only inspires me but totally make me laugh!!!
    great collection of babes and elephants!
    cheers from Italy.

  5. Flaviano>> Thank you for visiting and thank you also for your nice comments.

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