Over the past few months, due to frequent travel, technical problems with my computer, work and other lame excuses that I haven’t even thought of yet, there haven’t been many drawings posted here in my BLOG. From now on, I will post more from my Sketchbook; this one of Sephilina in a mini-skirt, for example.

My sketchbook would be better called a “doodlebook” because it is full of stuff I see in my head. I rarely do proper sketches of things seen in the real world. I plan to fill my NEXT book with life-drawings and sketches done on location, but the one I have NOW Is page after page of silly characters, ideas for poses, page thumbnails for comics I will probably never draw and other meaningless thing-a-ma-jigs…

Oh yeah, and lots of drawings of pretty ladies… Wotta dork.

4 thoughts on “Doodle-Book”

  1. Julia>> Thanks. I’ll post any that aren’t too crappy. Maybe as soon as this weekend.

    John>> hmmm.. I dunno… some are so chicken scratchy and are only malformed… but i will see if I can find anything worthy.


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