Dog from Planet Rex

Samples from a project that I have been working on for a while have been added to the newly expanded and re-arranged “comics” section, under the COSMO link on the side menu.

The project is tentatively titled “Cosmo: The Dog from Planet Rex” and will hopefully some day become a children’s book, or perhaps a graphic novel.

The story is about a highly evolved alien warrior, who becomes stranded on earth when his spaceship crashes into the San Francisco Bay, and our hero must undergo the indignities of a household pet.

He must keep his warrior spirit in check while living with a nearsighted little old lady as her masquerades as her guide dog, and struggles to find a way back home. Imagine Toshihiro Mifune or Charles Bronson having to go undercover as a busboy, and you get the idea.

Lots of fun and hijinks as our hero tries to rebuild his starship using butchered household appliances.

Also, in the “Folio” section there is some more new stuff, so look around a bit.. The Links page has some new entries. Check out Ralph McQuarrie’s official site. Speaking of links, I’ve added a “Banners” section to the main menu, so if anyone wants to link to me and likes to use banners, I now have a few to choose from. I will add some desktop wallpaper patterns, and other downloadable stuff later on.

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