Digital Doodle

Here is the preliminary digital sketch for the previous post, before I tidied it up and shifted the pose a little based on some feedback from my friend/client who I was doing the drawing for. There is something loose and fluid that I like about this earlier, scribbly version though.

The finishing was all digital, done on my 15 inch Cintiq, but the process started out by doing a few pages of pencil thumbnails, from which my friend chose the design elements she liked best. I posted the pencil thumbnails earlier, here, here, here and here. So the final picture is a combination of bits and pieces from all of those.

I think I have an idea for how to use some of the other thumbnails too, for another project I have in mind. Which just goes to show that cheesecake doodles are never a waste of time.

1 thought on “Digital Doodle”

  1. I kinda like this version better too. The turn and more coy angle of the head works better for me. Plus the dark hair framing her face is nice. Either way, these are great drawings!


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