Journal entry by Julia Lundman

Today, Jamie’s primary physical therapist came in around 3 and stated, “Jamie, I’m looking for a milestone today”. Jamie snorted, gave her his classic side-eyed sarcastic look, grabbed his quad cane, stood up on his own and proceeded to walk right out his room with her on his arm, in deep, solid unbroken concentration for a total of 150 feet! 
Not only was this an incredible feat of sheer will, but it was also extraordinary because his knee muscles only began to activate last Monday, making it extra-extra amazing. In fact, we were all stopped in our tracks as Jamie made his lap around the acute rehab patient floor, the entire staff looking on slack jawed in disbelief. Let me tell you, he really tore the roof off! 
Then, just to be all cute about it, Jamie went an extra 50 feet without the leg brace that he wears to support his knee and ankle! 
Um… like, wow! 
All the while, Jamie’s therapist stressed the importance of not glancing down to watch the foot move – instead, stand up straight with eyes forward, shoulders back, allowing the leg, mind and reflexes to do what the brain has trained them to do for an entire life time. In other words, get into the groove, use the force, just feel it, trust your body, trust your instincts and go for it.
Let’s all stand up and celebrate Jamie’s milestone! Woot! Congratulations Jamie! You are one extraordinary guy!!!
Funk on baby!
Love, love and more love,
Groove is in the heart:
Bootsy Collins funk jam, hell yeah! Woot!!!

37 thoughts on “Dig.”

  1. That s so awesome ! Thank you for sharing Julia ! Congrats Jamie , can’t wait less from Super Mr Baker , creator of NautiGirl , one of my all time fav characters ;)
    — s m, February 11, 2013

  2. G’day Jamie, Julia & Rob
    Thanks Julia for your latest spirited and admiring bulletin on the man, and for looking after him. Yes, I’m only too happy to join you in standing to salute the exercise of the will and the achievements of your extraordinary guy, while taking modest pride from the fact that “Dat’s ma boy!”.

    So too, of course, is Rob Jr, and I take pride also in what he’s doing to help you and Jamie.
    Keep striding out with therapists on you arm, James dear boy. More power to your elbow, as the saying is; and to all your other bits and pieces!
    Love, Dad

    How wonderful to read today’s report, James!!! We are both buoyed by each little advancement, so thanks to all three of you for sending us such news gems!
    Love Wendy

    — Rob & Wendy Baker, February 11, 2013

  3. Excellent Jamie!
    This is great news Jamie! Next time it’s going to be 250 feet! We’re all very proud of you Jamie, keep it up!

    And yes, aren’t you cheeky going it braceless…but wear the brace please! I know it’s a hassle, but the last thing you need is to twist your ankle and slow down your progress.
    Keep it going, steady and safe, and soon 150 feet will be receding far into the distance of your rear view mirror.
    Go Jamie, Go! -benton
    — benton jew, February 11, 2013

  4. 150 feet! 50 more braceless! Almost time for our hoops re-match Baker. Keep it up pal!

    We’re thinking of you two all the time. Hang in there.
    — Tony Stacchi, February 11, 2013

  5. Nice Milestone on ya!Way to go Jamie.Step by step, inch by inch, we are with you man!Sounds like we will be doing breakfast in no time!In fact, get your ass in gear we gotta do breaky pretty soon.
    A milestone a day, that’s all we ask man.
    Massive love,Bob
    — Bob Pauley, February 11, 2013

  6. Oh man, such great news! You’ve DEFINITELY have the Eye of the Tiger! :) Keep it up Jamie!
    — Rhode Montijo, February 11, 2013

  7. Fabulous. That’s the word for this treat early on a Monday.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful event! I know all of Jamie’s friends are smiling and laughing now. Hugs, Lou
    — Lou Toft, February 11, 2013

  8. Way to go Jamie! A free plate of combo fried rice at the Oaks is almost within range. Keep such an alluring beacon of culinary nirvana in your mind and I’m certain your progress will multiply tenfold..
    — Bill Cone, February 11, 2013

  9. YAY!! JAMIE!! So happy for the progress you are making! 50 feet with no leg brace and getting into your groove. Keep up the groove!
    — Charlene Kelley, February 11, 2013

  10. Awesome, Jamie!! Wooohoooo!!! I’m not surprised you are making leaps and bounds on your recovery! You the DRAGON!!!
    — Steward Lee, February 11, 2013

  11. Jamie – You’ve always been nothing short of amazing, and you’ll continue to amaze. Keep it up, mate.
    — Richard Quan, February 11, 2013

  12. Awesome news.. Sort of like that scene in the Princess Bride…only waaay better… and w/o the sword…
    “It’s conceivable, you miserable, vomitous mass, that I’m only lying here because I lack the strength to stand. But, then again… perhaps I have
    the strength after all.”
    Keep rockin’ the rehab casbah! xo
    — Allison Brown, February 11, 2013

  13. Shut the front door! That is funking AWESOME! WooHOOOOOO! Smart Ass: You’re doing it right!
    — Adelle Caunce, February 11, 2013

  14. Shit yeah!!!!
    You were just holding back til that moment so you could be put in the record books, I know it! You should be- you are incredible!
    p.s. Fiona and I talk about you all the time, your ears must be burning. Love,
    — Jennifer Clark, February 11, 2013

  15. HELL YEAH BRO!! That makes my day! I am super duper happy to hear about your progress. And thank you so much Julia for keeping all of us informed. It is very inspiring. Shannon also sends a big ass hug and much love!!
    — Victor Gascon, February 11, 2013

  16. Fantastic Purse !!!!…….I was comparing you to Forrest Gump when read the bit about throwing off the knee brace & doing an extra lap around the ward. Small steps will soon turn into giant leaps before you know it. Keep up the Fight…….this is a battle you can win. Thinking of you & looking forward to more good news stories like this. Gemma passes on her love as does Melissa (Davis) & Herman (ter Hedde)
    — Mark Creagan, February 11, 2013

  17. Amazing, but not too surprising. I imagine James wants to run far from the poo-Nazis Rob Jnr has been telling us about…..
    — Family Baker, February 11, 2013

  18. You’ve made my day. I’m sitting here with a big silly grin on my face and tears in my eyes. Well done James!!!!Keep going….and thanks Julia for each installment. I am so keen and excited every time I see there’s a new journal entry.Love and big hugs,
    Janine xoxooo

    — Janine Dawson, February 11, 2013

  19. BRAVO you big hunk a spunk!!!!
    note to Julia: that’s ‘WELL DONE you gorgeous thing’ in 70’s Australian vernacular….just in case. Biggest love and hugs Chris Lisa Jet Felix and Venusxxxxxxx
    — Lisa Hauge, February 12, 2013


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