Derek Thompson’s website is called DerekMonster because of his love of drawing monsters but the moniker also fits the man himself, because he is an ART MONSTER. Derek will share his hyperactive and hyper-talented style of magic in his forthcoming lecture in the Gnomon Workshop series of DVDs, where artists from the film, comics and illustration industries each show their working processes. (I wish something like these DVDs had been available when I was a teenager- all I had was mail-in, learn-to-draw classes). Derek’s instructional DVD will be ready in time for Comic Con but a fore-taste of the Derek flava can be had by reading DEREK’s GNOMON INTERVIEW.

7 thoughts on “DerekMonster”

  1. YAY, Derek finally validates and rewards all of our nagging! Welcome to blogging, Mighty-D, and I look forward to you posting some Derek-style thoughts, analyses, creeds, rants, critiques, reviews, shout-outs, manifestos and observations…

    I just added you to my to my BLOG LINKS, so the gauntlet has now been thrown down; you have to post often to reward my daily visits!


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