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In an earlier post, I lamented that many artists who inspired me when I entered the animation business have no web presence. I am happy to say that now, the mighty DEANE TAYLOR has a BLOG, and is posting insanely cool doodles every other day.

It is hard to overstate what an incredible inspiration Deane was to me at the very beginning of my career. When I was around 18, he took me under his wing and taught me 2D animation layouts; composition, shape, silhouette, staging and all that fun stuff, and his influence is with me to this very day. His quirky drawing style, so full of wit and invention was, and still is, a constant wonder to me. I am so happy that he is posting online where I can get access to his drawings once again.

So please, go look at DEANE’S BLOG, where you’ll find in equal measure tasty drawings and hilarious musings on his long career in the animation industry.


4 thoughts on “Deane Taylor’s BLOG”

  1. Hi Deane you probably won’t remember me but I have some pleasant memories of knowing you as a St John’s volunteer. You had a crazy (but very nice) bright yellow Holden back then. Every time I hear ” I heard it through the grapevine” you pop into my memories…I think it was 11 minutes long the time it took you to get ready in the morning and tidy your room!

    I am so pleased for your success, you once ;sketched a creature and I think it was a SHLOMPY? Any way Deane my name is Antonia and the last time we met was at a car accident in Elizabeth Vale I was then a student nurse

    Cheers Antonia White


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