A Day in The Presidio

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Aug 042019

Last Christmas, Julia gave me a gift voucher for a posh massage place, and last weekend I finally got to use it, giving us the excuse for spending yet another pleasant day in The Presidio.

View from Disney Museum verandah

After having a few kinks kneaded out of my battered body, there was time to kill until a dinner reservation, so we sat on the verandah of the Disney Family Museum and both did some sketching prior to a fantastic meal at a nearby restaurant called The Commissary.

  3 Responses to “A Day in The Presidio”

  1. Doing great with that left hand!

  2. Just watched Mary Poppins Returns. Loved the animation. Didn’t like Emily Blunt’s portrayal of Mary (too cold and contrite) but loved the 2D animation. U have to tell me what boards that u worked on. Jim C did a great job.

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