I just returned from San Diego where Maverix Studios members held down a table, and tried to sell our books at the Comic-Con. Here is a sketch I did for Dave Morris’ dancing girls gallery:

This year ALL the members of Maverix studios made stuff to sell and we all had some hassles with the printing process this year (to say the least). There was a lot of late nights, file corruption, frantic trips to Kinkos and high blood pressure all round… but we prevailed in the end, and each of us achieved what we set out to do; get a book ready for the convention. So that amounts to quite a success.

Our neighbours Enrico Casarossa and Ronnie del Carmen took it to the next level of success, and sold out of all their stock of books! This on their first outing as exhibitors. Very impressive. Speaking of Ronnie, he has an OFFICIAL website of his own now, and I have updated the URL in the links section so be sure to visit him at www.ronniedelcarmen.com.

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