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If you are a longtime reader of my blog you may remember my earlier post about Dan Lee, the much-loved and multi-talented Pixar character designer who died earlier this year after a long battle with cancer. Or perhaps you’ve heard of him from other sources, or seen his work in those wonderful “Art of” books. Even away from work he was an avid sketcher, banging out hundreds of drawings of people he had seen in the street or in cafes. So a group of his friends and family members have put together a book of Dan’s sketches titled “IN YOUR FACE” which will be launched later this month on the 25th of August at the Canvas Gallery Cafe, which was indeed the spot where many of the sketches themselves were done. You can read more about the upcoming book launch here.

Additionally, the next SKETCHCRAWL will be held in his honour on August 27th, the weekend following the book launch.

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  1. I met Dan in 1994 while backpacking in Europe.
    think that he just graduated from college and traveling with his friend, Stan.
    We have been kept in touch ever since. I did not know that Dan was the one who created/developed the nemo as he was always so modest about his work. Every time we met for a coffee or dinner, we always talked about his work. He never gave me any detail of it, but just briefly talked about the project. I often joked asking him whether I should get his signature. He always just smiled or made no comment.
    Last time I talked to him was november. I called him from Lake Tahoe. He told me he was sitting at a cafe. Wonder if it was canvas gallery he was sitting and observing people..
    He was one of the most decent person I have ever met. He will be cherished always.


  2. Sona, thanks for adding your thoughts about good old Dan. Meeting Dan when travelling means that you were with him doing one of the things that he loved most of all; seeing the world. You’ll be happy to hear that his book launch went very well, and the book itself is available on AMAZON now.


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