Creative Elephants

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Apr 022008

It has been a while since I posted any pictures from my Dad’s elephant limerick book. This one illustrates a news story (and accompanying limerick) about the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Elsewhere in Thailand, there are also elephants who can paint pictures, (the elephant book features a limerick about them too, see this earlier post for the illustration). The pachyderm artists live in a refuge for rescued elephants called the Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, and recently, I saw an amazing YouTube Video of one of those brush-wielding elephants in action, painting a self-portrait. Even though the elephant was trained to paint this image, it is still pretty amazing to watch an elephant holding a brush with its trunk.

  4 Responses to “Creative Elephants”

  1. Excellent elephant drawings! Your drawings aren’t bad either. (Har De Har Har)

  2. Have you done the crayola painting back in childfood, covering a paper with black crayola after filling it in multiple colored areas, then scratching the black surface with a nail??
    This pretty drawing reminds me that. Nice!

  3. Anson>> heh heh, good one. Shoulda got that pachyderm to illustrate the book, although I heard that those paintings sell for a lot; those elephants charge a higher rate than me.

    pat>> Yeah, I remember doing those paintings too. They were fun. By the time I did this illustration I was really running out of ideas for how to keep the illustrations different from each other. That is why I went with the “blacklight rave” look

  4. This one would be a GREAT print!!! DO IT!

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