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Mar 242008

Here are some exploratory sketches I did for my short story in the Babes In Space anthology a few years back. These space-faring giantesses were adversaries for Sephilina the Nauti-Girl (AKA: Squid Girl). As I mentioned earlier, I usually spend too much time doing sketches thumbnails, and not enough time actually making finished product and this situation was certainly typical. I have pages and pages of sketches of these gals. I will post the rest later.

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  1. Wow, these are tasty Jamie. I love the proportions, and the kickin-yer-butt ‘tude.

    Does that one on the top have Rocket Rabbit ear-jets?

  2. Daniel>> yeah, good eye: The top one does have a RR ear-jet vibe, which is why I didn’t use that design in the story. Instead, that helmet will be something THE PROFESSOR wears in a later ROCKET RABBIT adventure.

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