Comic-Con 2004

Well, I’ve been lax in udating the website and writing news for a while. My excuse is that I have been preparing for Comic Con 2004. After doing several years in a row crowded behind the Maverix table with 6 other people, this year I went for the upgrade and shared a booth with my good pal (and comics mentor) Rhode Montijo, and also Sam Hiti.

That is the mighty Sam in Wacky mode in the picture, he had a major hit on his hands with his awesome book Tiempos Finales: End Times. I highly recommend that you read this book, it is truly epic. Dont just take my word for it iether, he is getting a lot of buzz and good reviews on most of the comics related sites.

Speaking of epic books, let’s not forget Rhode’s PABLO’s INFERNO. Rhode finally compiled his 5 issue epic story about a little boy who travels through the underworld into a 200 page tome which you can buy at his site, and while you are there don’t forget to pick up SCRIBBLES AND BITS which is Rhode’s new sketchbook. Anyway, back to the subject at hand:the Comic-con. We had a great location on a main aisle, and next to those guys who always make it look easy, Ronnie and Enrico.

We had a lot of traffic because we were in a major aisle and also because the attendance this year jumped to 105,000 (up from approximately 70,000 last year). This made for some fantastic people watching, though it made for an overall tiring atmosphere. In fact i think the buzzword of the con amongst my friends was “overwhelming”.

OK, BELOW is my favourite photo I’ve seen so far from the 2004 con. This gent is hooked into what the con experience is all about. Pear-shaped Hulks, skinny Spiderman, a Klingon with melting make-up arguing with a Stormtrooper at the pretzel stand… that’s what makes it all worth the bother. If you have any leads on other cool pix let me know. For a great report on the 2004 con, visit Angstorm’s annual photo-essay.

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