Comic-con 2003

I just got back from the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON where I sold my comics and sketchbooks. I now have two issues of Nerve Bomb comics, though sadly no new issue for this year as I focussed on SKETCHBOOKS this time around. I expanded and reprinted last years GOURMET GRUEL sketchbook and also made a new one. They are both squarebound and very nicely printed by the folks at Dreamweaver press. I am quite happy with how they came out.

The trip to the con was a bit nerve-wracking though for a different reason than last year when we drove all through the night. The flight from San Francisco to San Diego took about 6 hours due to fog at the San Diego end. There was a scary attempt to land in the fog that was aborted at the last second with a hair-raising pull-up. I swear that I saw some buildings right outside my window as the fog parted… I think the plane had come out of the haze in a place the pilot wasn’t expecting because he pulled back on that joystick pretty abruptly.

Then we circled SD airport till we ran out of gas and went to LA to refuel. Then we went through the whole thing again though we were able to land the second time. When I got to my hotel they told me they were full up and I would have to sleep on a folda-bed the first night. This, even though I had booked in March and paid a nights deposit in June… Something like that seems to happen to me every year.

For a more detailed report on the 2003 con, check out Angstorm’s photo essay. To buy the stuff sold by Maverix Crew visit the Maverix store, and of course my stuff is available here.

It’s been a busy time lately, trying to promote the book. I am dealing with my first wave of orders via the Diamond catalog PREVIEWS. They were lower than I had hoped so it looks like I need to put more effort into promoting the title… I have been pretty consistently mailing out copies to reviewers and the REVIEWS are starting to come back.

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