Mister Cloudy

More from the stack-O-doodles. This is another of my rare attempts at a famous costumed-hero character, inspired by seeing all the costumed folks walk by at Comic Con.
I am not sure if I will see the latest Fantastic 4 Film… Somehow the idea of the baddie being a planet-absorbing cloud – rather than a ginormous planet-devouring bloke in a wicked cool red & blue Jack Kirby helmet – is a bit of a let-down.

5 thoughts on “Mister Cloudy”

    • John>> Perhaps you meant to say “what the FANTASTIC F?”

      Yes, a giant cloud… isn’t that a strange choice? Directors have been threatened for less…

      Mind you, I haven’t seen it myself, so it may work despite the liberties. If anyone who HAS seen it would care to comment please go ahead…

      … but beware the GOMER FATWAH!

    • Poor Michael Bay… are nerd death threats considered that serious? Bay could just get one of his supermodel girlfriends to stand between him and the attacking death nerd. It would stop right in its tracks having never seen one in real life. It would then marvel at the 3-D effect of this mythical creature known as a “supermodel” and probably comment on the realistic nature of its sub-surface scattering or something. He would remark to Bay that he always did like the visual effects in his movies, but felt the stories were somewhat superficial and lacking in substance. Hearing this, Bay would then use his long flowing hair as a distraction and escape unharmed.

      A cloud… now I think MY childhood has just been ruined. Mind you, I have no intention of seeing the movie so in truth, I probably don’t care. Too bad, my uncle worked on this movie, and I usually see the ones he worked on.

    • John>> It’s true that Death threats from nerds don’t SOUND that threatening… But you never know… let’s not forget COLUMBINE.

      If I was Mr Bay, I would implement your idea of Supermodel bodyguards, just to be on the safe side. (BTW, I have had it in mind for quite some time to add a villain to my Rocket Rabbit comics called SUPERMODEL).

      Back to the Galactus Cloud thing; I hope I didn’t put you off seeing the film that your uncle worked on; I haven’t seen it after all…

      perhaps a rental?

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