Chicagoland, 2005

I just spent a very enjoyable weekend in Chicago, attending the wedding of Heather McClenahan (now Heather Deyo) who I have known since she was 2 years old (when I became pals with her Dad Jon, at Hanna Barbera in Sydney). Being at the wedding of someone who was a baby when I met them as an adult is making me feel pretty old…

I’ve always liked Chicago but I’ve never seen it in the Autumn before and it was beautiful to be downtown, seeing the fall colours crisply contrasted with a bright blue sky. Oh by the way, before heading downtown to check out the CLOUD GATE (see pic at right) in Millenium Park, I took some copies of Rocket Rabbit #1 into QUIMBY’s bookstore, just especially for all you comics-loving Chicagolanders.

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  1. It was gorgeous, wasn’t it? Can you believe it’s already been a year?! This October apparently was freezing. Hey, you coming down to LA anytime soon? I’d love to have dinner.


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