Central Park

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Dec 042010

Not such a good sketch but I like it anyway, as a reminder of a pleasant day spent with friends (Dave & Rhode) drawing in New York’s Central Park.

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  1. it's awesome Jamie, drawing outside on a beautiful day like artists have done for centuries- pencil and paint on paper- know it's corny to say- but it's a sacred tradition, plus fun to think of you and your pals drawing out there together. i've been going to my friend Charlie's drawing class at Laney College, and notice the whole energy of drawing with other people is different, better, would you agree?

  2. I love the legs and hands in the foreground.

  3. AMBER: that is all I could fit of RHODE onto the page (should have planned my composition a little better!)

    SCOTT: I agree. Drawing with friends is one of my fave things to do, whether inside or outside. But I should do it more often.

  4. Hello James !

    Gee! I’ve been looking for your mail adress for ages!!
    So cool you found my blog and that we can get in contact at last !
    I see you’ve been pretty busy during all these years, that’s great.
    Can’t wait to chat with you by mail or by phone.
    Please give me some news.

    Talk to you soon, I hope.
    Take care,

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