Cattlestar Galactica

Many years ago my friend GORDON CLARK hatched an animated project about a bio-dome of cattle lost in outer space. It was called CATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

While the Sci-fi set-up is a cross between “LOST IN SPACE”, “SILENT RUNNING” and “SPACE 1999”, this story would have been largely a musical, with the bufoonish space cowboy singing lots of goofy songs to his sidekicks (a robot and a lost Russian cosmonaut Dog) as they all sat around an electronic camp fire, between whacky adventures in space, dealing with the manic CAPTAIN COW; An intergalactic bovine warrior who wants to set the cattle free.

Having been conceived by Gordon, it was bound to be a very funny show, coz he is a very funny man. Sadly, it was long ago consigned to that ever-growing pile of “would have been great” but “never got made” projects that I’ve been involved with over the years, which is a pile containing my favourite projects ever. This marker sketch is some of the pitch art (and character designs) I did for it.

8 thoughts on “Cattlestar Galactica”

  1. hey james- maybe with present technology the time is nigh to do these pet projects ourselves. makes me think of the amusing panel discussion from ralph bakshi i saw recently, tho’ from ’08. in it he says something like ‘if we just stopped wearing such fancy pants, we could afford to just make our fucking movie’.

    • Hey, Charlie! Yes, I saw that panel discussion. And Bakshi raises a very good point; don’t wait for permission to do what you want to do.. I just wish I liked his films as much as I liked his can-do attitude.

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