Comic-Con 2004

Abismo/Nerve Bomb booth, Comic Con 2004.

Well, I’ve been lax in udating the website and writing news for a while. My excuse is that I have been preparing for Comic Con 2004. After doing several years in a row crowded behind the Maverix table with 6 other people, this year I went for the upgrade and shared a booth with my good … Read more


When I was out buying presents for others, I couldn’t help buying a copy of BERNET for myself for christmas. I just love this book. It is a wonderful collection of work by spanish comics artist Jordi Bernet, ranging from his TORPEDO 1936 stuff (which he is probably best known for in the USA) and … Read more

Same Difference


I recently attended a zine festival here in San Fransisco and picked up a copy of a book called SAME DIFFERENCE and other stories by Derek Kirk Kim. It is the best comic I have read in quite a while and I recommend that you check out his site, which is where all his strips … Read more