In honour of my Dad’s visit to San Francisco last week, here is another image from our elephant book collaboration from a year or two ago.

My father and his wife Wendy landed here on the home-bound leg of an around the world trip, and I played host to them at my tiny apartment. I also took on the role of turbo-tour-guide, as I showed them as much of San Francisco as possible in the brief time that they were here. This made for a sometimes tiring schedule, especially as it is still tourist season. We had lots of competition in trying to get onto cable cars, buses and ferries and into art museums and galleries…

But having out-of-town visitors makes a good excuse to really get out and take a look at this beautiful city that I am so lucky to live in. The weather has been beautiful and we couldn’t have had a better week for sightseeing (The visibility from Twin Peaks was the best I have ever seen in my many visits up there).

Apart from time spent with my family, I have also been trying to draw and paint on location lately. I haven’t done anything that I am happy to show yet, despite the enjoyment I get from doing it. Hopefully, I will generate some drawings worthy of posting here sometime soon. The art-posts have become infrequent on my blog this year and I need to address that…

If I am posting a lot on my blog it usually means I have a lot of spare time. Conversely, when posts become sparse, it’s a sign that I have some fun things happening in the real world. That has been the case lately. I have been busy with real life, and haven’t been posting much on here… There will be new scribbles posted soon, I promise!

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