Busy Busy Busy

Work has been busy lately, very busy indeed. Which is a good problem to have in many ways, but I haven’t had much spare time for making ROCKET RABBIT comics this year. Even though I thumbnailed out several comics stories at the end of 2005, the combination of animation work and a side project with my Dad has meant that I haven’t had any time to finish off a new comic book in time for this years Comic Con, and the side project wont be printed till later…Rocket Rabbit and the Professor Rhode and I just found out that Abismo/Nerve Bomb has landed a great Comic Con booth space this year in an excellent location (BOOTH #1428). Rhode has quite a bit of new material to sell but sadly I don’t have any new books. Once again; not the worst problem to have, especially as many exhibitor friends are unhappy with their booth locations… To ensure that such a sweet Booth doesn’t go to waste, my NEW stuff this year will be original art, which I have never sold before. I have quite a few doodles which might be sell-able if I take the time to add in the details on the hands and feet which I often lazily leave out of sketches. I’ll try to crank out some more water colours or coloured pencil pics in the next few weeks. Definately lots of scribbles of my own characters and maybe even some pinups of famous fan favourite characters… I haven’t made up my mind about that yet…

5 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. You can sell official “Jamie Baker” pencil shavings. Think about it. Paper and pencil are getting obsolete with these new fangled tablets. You can sell your pencil shavings at ridiculous prices like those old “animation cels”.

    You’ll be rich I tell you RICH!!!

    Ok… maybe just draw some pics of Bat Man and Spider Man…..

  2. John>> See you there!

    Alan>> I was thinking of POWERGIRL and WONDER WOMAN

    TED>> Yeah, the GOMER guide never moved ahead quickly enough… It’s hard for me to make excuses to YOU of all people, who has been so prolific this year… but here goes: We GOMERS met frequently but discussion never moved into action… So many of us were busy that we didn’t get enough new art in time. We will keep cranking on it (so any gomers you sketch in SD this year can be included).


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