Buchanan & Pine

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Apr 042017

Last weekend Julia and I joined some friends to sketch from the roof of their flat. Kim & Randy live over by Japantown and the view from the top of their building is stunning. There was so much to choose from to draw, that I decided to simply attempt to sketch as much as I could.

We were expecting a foggy day and I dressed in flannel, but as more of more of Kim’s pals showed up for a rooftop sketch-posse it turned out to be bright sunny and HOT. After I spent a few hours blocking in the basic composition with pencil and watercolour, and trying my best to finish it all on site, Julia & I eventually had to skedaddle to get out of the sun and beat the heat.

After a pleasant lunch on nearby Filmore Street (a burger) we went home and I finished the the last 20% of this watercolour (of the Buchanan & Pine streets intersection) from a photo.

  25 Responses to “Buchanan & Pine”

  1. It really turned out great! Makes me want to try to sketch bigger scenes. you are brave!

  2. Lovely and inspiring!

  3. The only color is the trees. Cool!

  4. Lovely! Judging by the pov you’re the sun worshipper in the red shirt?

  5. Such a lovely sketch. I love the colours.
    And well done on sitting so close to the edge! :0

    • Yeah, I thought that the epic vista needed some foreground for contrast (plus those big foreground shapes meant less fiddly detail to draw!)

  6. It’s beautiful, Jamie! Really lovely.

    • Thanks Michael! It was just a bunch of amorphous blobs right up until the last few minutes or so, but with just enough detail here and there it finally came together.

  7. Great picture!!!

  8. Very good soft touch feeling.

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