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Aug 062006

Here are some of the sketches I did while sitting at the Abismo/NerveBomb booth at last months Comic Con. Drawing famous heroes is a first for me, and I had quite a bit of fun doing it. I’ll post some more when I get time.

Speaking of Comic-Con, I was only recently able to get my hands on the stuff I purchased down there, my stash was packed up in some boxes that I couldn’t get to for a week or two, but now I am spending the evenings reading through all the stuff I bought…

The daylight hours are spent drawing elephants, and I still have quite a few to go. I’ll post some of those too, as they get finished in the next week or two. My Dad, (the author of the book), is in the USA for a visit, and we will visit some Civil War sites in Virginia and Maryland later this month, along with my brother Joey who lives out that way.

After that quick break, I will be back to drawing and colouring elephant illustrations… and hopefully I will have finished all of them by the end of September.

UPDATE: I posted some more Super-Heroine scribbles:

  6 Responses to “Booth Sketches”

  1. Oh man, that Sue Storm kills me. She is so darn Jamie-Baker cute!!! I know what I’m commisioning you to draw now…

    • Roque>> thank you, I am glad you like my version of SUE STORM (I guess this is from when she was younger, before she got married). I sold another sketch of Sue, in a different pose, that I had inked.

  2. Wow, those supergals are *great* Jamie! The poses are tasty, but I really love their expressions. I’d smile like Sue too, if I could fly.

  3. very cool!

  4. Invisible Girl is awesome-ful

  5. Jamie,
    As part of my Con rituals, it is always a pleasure to stop by your booth. I guess the next stop is WonderCon. Hopefully, you will have originals like you mentioned that you had at San Diego. I agree with above. very nice Invisible girl.


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