BIZARRO Sketch Night


A week ago today, my friend Ben Walker held one of his fun sketch events at 111 Minna Gallery. This time it was BIZARRO SKETCH NIGHT, where all the participants drew 100% with their non-dominant hands. Drawing with my bad hand is something I’ve been getting trying to get used to of late, with mixed success.. So it was great to have some backup.


I’ve had Star Wars on the brain lately, probably because of my recent epic blog-post, and all the childhood nostalgia that it brought up. So, continuing in that vein, I drew silly Star Wars scribbles all night, with a particularly belligerent-looking Chewie showing up after I’d had a few Trummer Pilsners. (Wookies are like that.) Matt Jones kept me company with that idea, and did some great Star Wars sketches, like the funny RED Yoda you can see above.


It was a surprisingly fun, well attended event, and there were some really great drawings generated. In fact, there were one or two people who drew just as beautifully with their crazy-hand as with their dominant hand (yes, I am looking at YOU, Hoffman, Clark, and Mathot!!) I’ve found that my left hand often produces some surprisingly funny drawings, and I think everyone had fun trying to see what they would come up with too. There were lots of chuckles all round.


Thanks very much to Ben and Amanda for arranging this super-fun event, and to all the artists who came and participated, bid on eachother’s drawings, showed me some Bizarro solidarity and inspired me by demonstrating what great cartoons can be done, CRAZY-HANDED. You can read Ben’s own post about the event (with a full list of participating artists) on his blog HERE, and also another account on Steve Moore’s FLIP blog HEREDr Sketchy’s anti-ArtSchool

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    • It was truly fun, Ben. Thank you. After a slow frustrating start, I am enjoying drawing again, even though I never know what will come out the other end. (Or maybe BECAUSE of that fact?)

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