Big Site Update

Rocket Rabbit & his inventor

In 2006 I was pretty consistent in updating this here NEWS page, on average about once a week. But I was very slack in every other section of my website… Until Now!

The galleries in the FOLIO section have been updated to include a few of the many pics posted in this page over the past year. I still have a lot more to add, so check back in a week or so when hopefully it will be more representative of ALL the art I have stored on my FTP.

I just added TWO new galleries in the PHOTO section. Like the first three they are each a random jumble of pictures taken from different places and times and there isn’t any consistent “theme”.

The LINKS section has been updated with some new blogs and couple of websites that belong to some friends of mine. I also added an Emma Peel site that might interest any AVENGERS fans out there. I bought myself an Avengers DVD for Christmas and really enjoyed watching those old shows a great deal.

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