Beaucoup de BODART

 If you’ve read my news page before then you’ve realized that Denis BODART is one of my favourite artists. I visit Bodart’s blog daily (sometimes TWICE daily) to see the inspiring artwork there, with the bonus that he is posting work on his new book INDEH as he does it. Recently my good pal HERVAL (who I’ve only met so far through the internet and email) sent me a issue of a magazine called “L’inedit” that devotes half its pages to Mr. Bodart. Lots of sketches and page breakdowns, character research and other tasty goodies.

But even if you don’t own a copy of that issue of L’Inedit you can see some of it’s contents online now at the The Character Design Blog which has just posted an interview with Bodart. I recommend that you go read it and also look at the artwork posted below the interview. In some cases his page pencils and the finished inked and coloured pages can be seen side by side. What are you waiting for? Go look!

3 thoughts on “Beaucoup de BODART”

  1. Alan>> ANYTHING by Bodart is worth getting. I swear that I have learned a lesson from each drawing of his that I have seen. Even “LES ABERRANTS” (which Bodart himself derides) has given me hours of viewing pleasure. Do a name-search on Amazon Canada for his books and buy whatever you can find.

    Mike>> I first saw that issue of L’Inedit in the swag of a buddy on the last night of comic-con last year, when it was too late to get one myself. ARGH! But then good old Herval sent me one! By the way, am I crazy, but did I see some Bodart doodles of some of YOUR characters in there? How cool is that?


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