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Nov 092006

I just saw the proof for Dad’s Book and it looks super! However my work isn’t over yet; after consulting with the designer I have a few more days to bang out some MORE illustrations to fill some gaps in the layout. It is designed to be a 128 page book which is about 62 page spreads. So far I have illustrations for 42 of those spreads which still leaves quite a few spreads with only text. I am going to try to fill up some of those ART gaps with little spot illustrations, doodles and random stuff. These will be a lot looser than the other illustrations and in some cases I may just slap some colour over preperatory thumbnail sketches I already have.

OK, back to the drawing board!

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  1. This is like when you think the Terminator is dead and he comes bursting out of the flaming wreckage. Brrrrrr.

    Good luck Jamie!

  2. That looks AWESOME! You’re the man, Jamie.


  3. Man Jamie, this book is looking great! Digital or Analog, it has a lot of different styles and techniques. Keep at it. This one is on my 2007 list!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone. They mean a lot to me toiling away in the vacuum of my apartment.

  5. Glad to cheer you up, dear boy. Just be grateful that you aren’t toiling away, like some of us, in the vacuum (cone of encroaching silence??) of your late 60s.

    Your textman sidekick (aka Dad).

  6. I own a copy of this fine publication.

  7. I love this book!

  8. You are so talented James.

  9. Thanks for reawakening beaut memories of a very happy and satisfying collaboration, dear Boy. More power to both your elbows! Love, Dad & Wen

  10. such a talented bunch these Bakers are!

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