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Here is a panoramic photo taken at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. I spent a very pleasant few days catching up with two of my dearest childhood friends, Peter Lawlor and John Dillon, as we all stayed at a beautiful property just a few minutes walk from where this picture was taken.

A five week trip to Australia seemed like more than enough time at the planning stage, but it was not nearly enough to do all that I had wanted. I had a very full social schedule in my home town; catching up with my family, comparing bald-patches and love-handles with old school-friends, attending family weddings and birthdays, a trip to the coast with all my siblings and of course all the stuff associated with a home-town Christmas and New Years.

All of that meant that I didn’t have much time left when I went to Sydney, where I also have many friends to see… There was a threatened Airline strike that would have delayed my outbound flight and I found myself hoping that it WOULD happen so I could get a few more days. But that was not the case, my flight left on time and I wasn’t able to visit some Sydney animation Studios, and do a bit of touristy travel stuff as I had originally intended.

My trips back to Australia are always primarily to see my friends and family, and consequently take me back to my old haunts. NEXT time I go to Australia I want to set aside some time to visit parts of the country that I have not yet seen. I am very well-travelled when it comes to other countries but my experience of Australia is mostly limited to the area between Sydney and my home-town.

Anyway, it was a great holiday, where I didn’t think of anything other than what was going on each day. I wasn’t able to access the internet for long periods, hence the lack of blog-posts over the last few months. Those will pick-up in frequency presently, though I don’t have any sketches of my trip to share. I didn’t do a lick of drawing the whole time I was away.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope that 2008 is a good one.

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    • John>> Thanks! It was hotter than the blazes in Sydney, and humid as all get-out. All my years in the foggy old Bay Area have made me a bit of a sissy when it comes to the heat. So, even though I had a blast down there, getting back to the temperate climate of San Francisco was a blessed relief.

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