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This week I had a visit from my brother Jo who was in town for a conference. When not spending quality time with the bro, I have been messing about with some gouache, watercolour and acrylic paints in an effort to make some artwork for the MAVERIX holiday party fundraiser next Week. I will have 9 pieces in the show, ranging in size from a tiny 3.5×5 inch doodle (the Rocket and Professor pic at top left) to a couple of 8×10 inch paintings, and all are framed. I made 6 pieces from scratch this week and the rest were some oldies that I framed for this show.

I had a lot of fun throwing the colours around as it is not something I have been doing much of lately. Even when I do use colour I am very much from the “draw and then colour it in” school, which is to say, that I don’t really know how to paint, to build a picture from slabs of light and colour rather than lines and edges. I need to do this more often.

When I went into Maverix Studios today to drop off my submissions, I saw a stash of great artwork submitted by artists from all over the Bay Area. The likes of Ronnie del Carmen, Jennifer Chang, Ed Bell, Steve Purcell, Ralph Eggleston, Scott Morse, Enrico Casarosa… and on and on… I was feeling pretty good about my artwork until I saw the submissions from those art-masters, sheesh!

You can see just SOME of the pieces submited so far in an online gallery on the Maverix site. check their BLOG throughout the next few days for updates.

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