APE report

Here is one of the 3 NEW prints I was selling last weekend at the Alternative Press Expo.


This was the 2nd time that I’ve exhibited solo at this show and it went very well, financially speaking, perhaps because having the whole space to myself allows me to display more product. I still need to work out the ultimate stripped-down travel package for shows out of town that I fly to on my own (which I’ll focus on next time for the CTN Animation Expo).

A plus this year was being surrounded by so many friends in that same row. (for example John Hoffman and his pals Chris Pearn & Craig Berry seen in the photo above). In the SWAG department, I picked up EVERY one of Corrine Mucha‘s books (that I didn’t have already) and I scored a copy of Anthology 451, paid for with some of my own craptacular stuff.

Saturday, we all had dinner at Poc Chuc which serves Mexcican food with a Mayan slant. It was very good, especially as it was chosen in a hurried scan of YELP. The evening ended at a very fun party hosted by GHOSTBOT, MAVERIX and CINEMATICO. Sunday night we had a fantastic meal at a German place called Schmidt’s. I should have left well enough alone and gone home on a high note, but my desire to end the show with the traditional ice-cream posse to Mitchell’s unfortunately went awry in a multi-pronged miscommunication fiasco, climaxing in a sad, weary wander through the Mission district looking for transportation…

The Rum & Raisin cone DID taste pretty good though.

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