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Over the past few months, I have formulated a bunch of ideas for mini-comics and longer stories, all in various stages of completion. Just last week it occurred to me that I needed to get something in production for APE. Here is the KAT & TELLY mini comic I made for this Year’s Alternative Press Expo, which happened this past weekend.

APE 2009: Kat & Telly mini comic

After a few days of wondering which idea to actually do (a common problem for me) I started drawing KAT & TELLY in earnest on Tuesday morning (based on some drawings and ideas that had been frying in the brain-pan for sometime) and finally finished the last drawing in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. I had intended to print the books myself at home but, as the sun rose on Saturday morning, that plan was aborted due to yet another bout of printer trouble (the combination of a prima donna printer and a procrastinating cartoonist has been fatal for many CON projects in the past).

Thankfully, I was able to run down to the copy place a few blocks away, and get this mini printed out in a matter of minutes (on my own paper) and then hop a cab to the con, where folding and stapling completed the package in time for the minis to go on sale at 11 am.

This year, Rhode was unable to be a part of the show as he is out of town. However, he had already left a stash of his product at my place here in SF and I was able to load a stripped down inventory of both his and my stuff onto ONE luggage dolly and get it all to the show myself. Rhode’s pal Paul was able to help out with manning the booth.

the book itself is online HERE:

9 thoughts on “APE 2009”

  1. i have 'Jock' on the table behind our couch on top of one the many stacks of art books, and it's ALWAYS the one people pick up. something about such great drawing of a sincere/funny story in a friendly little package still knocks me out too every time i look at it. can't wait to see this one!

  2. Great seeing you at APE. You’re a good friend to work your part of the booth as well as Mr. Montijo’s.

    How do I acquire a KAT and TELLY mini comic from you? I have all of your other mini comics and I want to keep my collection going. Can I mail you a bag of gold?


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