APE 2002: Fat Batman

This is an image from the “Field Guide to Gomers” which was Maverix studios’ hot seller at last year’s Comic Con and one of the wares that we hawked from the Maverix table at the APE convention here in San Francisco last weekend. Once again Bosco Derek and I valiantly tried to push out books on a room full of people whose attention was elsewhere. This time we were joined by Anson Jew, who had a lot of product to push; issues #1 and #2 of “Saturday Nite” as well as a neat little color mini-comic that he made at home on his printer. We will also be manning a booth at wonder-con in Oakland (from April 19th) and again at theComic-con in San Diego (from August 1st)

The Links page has been updated and re-arranged. I found a proper link to Moebius’ site, added a different fan-site for Ronnie del Carmen and also added a link to Enrico Casarossa‘s site. He is a contributor to “Monkeysuit” the cool comics anthology publisher, and their link is on there now as well.

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