Another RR#1 Review

Here is an excerpt from a new review of ROCKET RABBIT #1, from Comic Book Network (Issue #540 – 9/09/2005);

My View by David LeBlanc

40 pages, black & white, Color Covers, 6.5″ X 8.5″, $6.00

created by James Baker

As a follow up to NERVE BOMB #0, this title takes up the continuing adventures of Rocket and the Professor. Rocket Rabbit is a robot with rabbit-like ears that are actually nuclear powered rocket thrusters enabling him to fly. He is the creation of the Professor, a rather sexy female agent of “The Company”. The book is a spoof of super hero and spy genres. Their leader is a a guy who rides around in a giant robot that looks like a man’s suit. Picture a walking suit thirty feet high with a normal size guy in the collar of the shirt. He goes by the name of Big Suit or B.S. for short. He hands out the assignments and the Professor plans the action with her partner Rocket, using a variety of gadgets and vehicles. (shades of Get Smart!)

Like its predecessor comic, ROCKET RABBIT is plain fun. The art is the cartoonish style of the gag magazines like MAD and CRACKED. The dialogue is smooth and the variety of characters would make you think that only a few are the focus. Not so. The two newscasters are given lots of panels to develop and have their share of gags. Likewise the villains are given some depth along the way. The relationship between Rocket and The Professor is clearly more like friends as Rocket acts like a person, to the point of annoying The Professor at times. By the end we know the players well and wonder where the story will go next. It is a fun comic and packed with laughs for 40 pages. There is not much like it on the market but there should be.

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    • Thanks, Ted. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, despite the silly puns and lame-brain gags. One of these days I want to tackle an action drama (as you have done) but I have to get all this goof ball stuff out of my system first.

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